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Kiawe white honey 12.75 oz

Kiawe  honey  is incredibly unique because its ability to  naturally crystallize into a silky smooth, creamy honey. The raw honey is white in color and has a very delicate flavor, unlike anything most people have ever tasted before.

Kiawe white honey 3 oz

The Kiawe trees can flower at any time of the year, providing plenty of sustenance for the island’s honeybees. The extraction process has to be precisely timed, which is exactly why we focus on small batch refinement.
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Pahale Farms Tote bag

Whether you’re heading to the farmers market or the beach, this canvas bag is a great way to  tote around your stuff. Structured and designed for convenience, durability and style, it can fit all the things you need.


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Long Sleeve

Take a piece of the farm with you, where ever you may roam. This long sleeve 100% organic cotton shirt is the perfect piece for working on the farm, protecting you from the sun and bugs, or just lounging around at home. 


What is kiawe honey?

Kiawe honey is a very rare, world renowned, white honey. Kiawe, is a desert mesquite tree that is native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which was introduced to the Big Island in 1828. They sprout bright yellow flowers from which honeybees collect nectar to produce Kiawe honey. The honeybees that produce this honey almost exclusively feed off this type of tree’s blossoms.  The nectar of the Kiawe tree gives the honey its unique and delightful flavor. Because of the speed of crystallization for this particularly exquisite honey, the beekeeper must continually monitor the hives so as to discern the most important timing of harvesting which prompts us to only do small batches at a time.

it's better from the farm!

Once harvested and brought to the honey house, the magic continues. Meticulous timing of extracting and bottling this white beauty is 

required to attain the silky, 

fine crystallization which

is the foundation of 

Kiawe Honey’s reputation. 

The honey you've been buying may not be as advertised...

The odds are high that your honey isn’t what it claims to be. Honey imported is often adulterated, either by having sugars added to it or by being cleaned, heated, or filtered and then is blended with small amounts of true honey until the sticky substance is uniform. Adulterated honey isn’t typically dangerous to eat but it does mean people are paying top dollar for “raw” or “local” honey with purported health benefits that could in fact be nothing more than a mix of different sugars. Perhaps more important than the possible defrauding of the consumer is the fact that according to experts, adulteration is driving global honey prices down, leaving beekeepers, barely able to sell their honey for a profit.

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In addition to producing white Kiawe Honey, Pahale Farms is a single small lot coffee farmer and producer of non-GMO Papayas. In 2013, we planted over 450 (Red Caturra Arabica) trees on the hillside of Maunakea above the Hamakua Coast. Being small allows us to be extremely meticulous and hands on every step of the way, growing and producing from seed to cup our specialty coffee.

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